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HenX Reinforces the Operations Team!

We are growing. For that reason, we’ve expanded our team with two enthusiastic new members. Please meet Bob and Koos. With the number of projects on our portfolio growing every year we need to maintain a high level of customer service to our clients. This way we can keep our promise and be there for you!

Koos Steebakkers: “Exactly what I was looking for!”

“The business of entertainment logistics is a very dynamic one. That’s exactly what I was looking for. I have worked in the automotive industry for many years and I wanted to do something completely different. I am very much inspired by the professional way our team handles these complex tours combining all different kinds modalities in logistics. Being a member of the operations team requires lots of flexibility. Not only do we have to deal with many different cultures around the world but also weather conditions play a role in the day to day operations. There are a lot of obstacles we can encounter before the shipment reaches its destinations! But we are doing a great job. It took a while before I could oversee all steps of a shipment, but now I am on top of it.”

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Bob Houkes: “There is never a dull moment!”

“Before I joined HenX I had practically the same job for years, but in a different field: sports logistics. Through this working experience I have developed the skills that I can rely upon as an operations manager at HenX. I love my job. A day is never the same as the one before. In this business you must anticipate on the possible challenges you might face in the future, to make sure we are on time. There is never a dull moment! I get satisfaction from serving our clients in such a way that they’ll have to worry little as possible.”

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