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About us

Our Biggest Assets

HenX's biggest assets are its employees. They are highly trained, educated and intelligent; maintain a high-quality customer service, focused, hands on, practical, solution thinking and have worldwide experience in cargo handling and customs clearance.

Hands On

All employees, including the owner of the company, are hands on and you'll find that we're there for you at every possible bottleneck on tour. We have chosen and tested our partners well throughout the years, yet HenX takes its responsibility to be there physically to support the partner.

Lean and Mean

HenX wants to be the best in the industry with regards to customer service, reliability, trustworthiness, and pricing. To achieve these goals, we have specifically set up a lean and mean company with a focus on its employees.

There for you

  • On-site managers of logistic flows

The foreigner you know

  • Worldwide offices
  • Always up to date on your shipment’s status & location

The devil is in the detail

  • No more surprises
  • We always stick to our quotes

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There for you

HenX is your dedicated logistics partner in family entertainment, live events, music and theatre & performing arts.

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