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Logistics & Tour planning

What the heck is Māgha Pūjā day?!

You’ve planned your International move from a large venue in a busy city center. Challenging, but you’ll manage. Only one thing is bothering you: some sort of national holiday you’ve never heard of and nobody is moving a muscle. Fortunately for you, we know our markets, read on!

Full control: No more delays, hidden costs, nor surprises.

Why consider HenX?

  • No more delays: before the first mile we plan the logistics involved, timings, venue details, with continuous shipment status updates. Before the last mile we make sure your goods are delivered, hassle free and on time.
  • No more hidden costs, nor surprises: we advise you on feasibility and alternatives for your tour and will meticulously outline any potential bottlenecks and backup options built into our quotes.
  • Full control: we continually monitor your shipments and keep full control over the logistics chain, giving us operational flexibility if the circumstances would require so.

There for you

  • On-site managers of logistic flows

The foreigner you know

  • Worldwide offices
  • Always up to date on your shipment’s status & location

The devil is in the detail

  • No more surprises
  • We always stick to our quotes

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There for you

HenX is your dedicated logistics partner in family entertainment, live events, music and theatre & performing arts.

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