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HenX offers 25.000 m2 of warehouses worldwide. All our warehouses above 2000m2. We currently run warehouses in the Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, and USA.

  • Storage, pick & pack: We specialize in handling show merchandise, the kind that travels! We store, pick & pack, ship and distribute.
  • Warehousing and distribution: We provide full warehousing services for your equipment and merchandise in any country you require. Our Warehouse Management System will give you full online real-time visibility of your stock levels.
  • Check, Check, triple check! We ensure your orders are checked, double-checked and checked again before being shipped out using the most advantageous modality.

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  • On-site managers of logistic flows

The foreigner you know

  • Worldwide offices
  • Always up to date on your shipment’s status & location

The devil is in the detail

  • No more surprises
  • We always stick to our quotes

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There for you

HenX is your dedicated logistics partner in family entertainment, live events, music and theatre & performing arts.

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