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Customs & Quarantine brokerage

Bloody customs

We’ve been to bars with your crew in Hong Kong, Amsterdam and LA, we’ve heard the stories of shipments stuck at customs. Don’t blame customs, blame yourself and certainly your forwarder. 

We have never missed a deadline due to customs.

How does HenX manage to do so!?

  • In-house carnet ATA: We issue ATA carnets in-house which enables us to clear your cargo faster and smoother passed any border.
  • We’ll handle quarantine with you and for you: We know your production and look at the pack list with another view. A quarantine-view. We think about dirt on motorbikes that need to be cleaned and notice wood going to Australia. We consult your crew to not put food products in their flight cases. We do it right from the start, not when it is too late.
  • Temporary import: Carnets are great for temporary import, they do need to get stamped off the right way though! Non-Carnet countries are on temporary import, no problem, it is common practice for us.

There for you

  • On-site managers of logistic flows

The foreigner you know

  • Worldwide offices
  • Always up to date on your shipment’s status & location

The devil is in the detail

  • No more surprises
  • We always stick to our quotes

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There for you

HenX is your dedicated logistics partner in family entertainment, live events, music and theatre & performing arts.

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