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Merchandise Logistics

Our bread n’ butter

We specialize in clearing and delivering merchandise to your doorstep. Crucial to our customers that have merchandise traveling with their shows. We can import into any country, planning deliveries with you ensuring you will never miss a show.

Where ever you go, whatever merch you’d like to sell, let HenX take care of it.

Why HenX should do this for you

  • Order picking: We ensure your orders are checked, double-checked and checked again before being shipped out using the most advantageous modality.
  • Stock management: Our Warehouse Management System allow online real-time access to your stock levels.
  • Selling & physical representation: We assist on the entire scope of the merchandise sales operation. Arranging sales crews as well as administration, banking and the affiliated fiscal representation for sales.
  • Warehousing and distribution: We provide full warehousing services for your equipment and merchandise in any country you require.
  • Importer of record services: You retain full control of your gear or merchandise. Allowing import of you gear into countries without being dependent on promoters or local handling companies.

There for you

  • On-site managers of logistic flows

The foreigner you know

  • Worldwide offices
  • Always up to date on your shipment’s status & location

The devil is in the detail

  • No more surprises
  • We always stick to our quotes

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There for you

HenX is your dedicated logistics partner in family entertainment, live events, music and theatre & performing arts.

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